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About Barhalganj

Barhalganj is a city located on the left bank of River Ghaghara in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Its is sited at a distance of 64 km away from the district Headquarters Gorakhpur, 306 km away from the state capital Lucknow and 851 km away from the national capital Delhi. People of all religions and castes reside in the city. Hindi, Urdu and Bhojpuri are languages spoken by the locals in the city. The city has no notable industrial establishments in its grounds and also Barhalganj comes under backward industrial development regions of Uttar Pradesh. Barhajganj bazaar is very popular in Gorakhpur district as customers from all over the district purchase form the bazar. Barhalganj city is very popular for its saris in Gorakhpur district.

Geography of Barhalganj

Geography of BarhalganjBarhalganj city is elevated at a height of 71 meters above sea level and it has its coordinates at 26° 17' North latitude and 83° 30' East longitude. Barhalganj is surrounded by Dohri Ghat Tehsil in the South, Badraon Tehsil in the South, Gagaha Tehsil in the North and Gola Tehsil in the west. The city is located on the banks of River Ghaghara which flows through the southern border of the city. The city is sited on the border of its district which makes the city much closer to its neighboring districts of Mau and Deoria.

River Ghaghara

River Ghaghara a tributary of River Ganges which flows on the bottom of the city is considered as a holy river by the locals in the city and many important religious practices are followed here. A Hindu cremation ground is also sited on the rive Banks. Muktipath is a very popular religious ceremony performed on the death to imbue luck for them in their after life. Many prayers and mantas are chanted during these rituals.

Temperature in Barhalganj

Summers of very hot in Barhalganj as the highest summer temperature in the city is recorded between 24 ° C to 44° C. Winters are cool in the city. The lowest day time temperature recorded in the city is between 14 ° C and 18 ° C.

Demography of Barhalganj

Demography of BarhalganjAs per 2011 population census the city recorded a total population of 21290 out of which male constitutes 10948 and female constitutes 10342. The density of population in Barhalganj is 2129 people in an inch per sq km in an area of 10 sq km. The population growth in the city is increased by + 1.12 % per year from the last census year of 2001. The city homes 2930 families within its boundary.

The total number of children in the city between 0 to 6 years is recorded as 2793 out of which boys constitute 1412 and girls constitute 1381. The child population contributes 13.12 % of the total city population. The sex ratio in the city is recorded as 945 female out of 1000 male which is very much higher than the average Uttar Pradesh state female sex ratio of 912. The child sex ratio in the city is recorded as 978 girls out of 1000 boys which is also very high when compared to the average Uttar Pradesh state child sex ratio of 902.

Demography of BarhalganjThe average literacy rate in Barhalganj is recorded as 76.12 % i.e. 14079 which is much higher than the average Uttar Pradesh state literacy rate of 67.68 %. The male literacy rate on the city is recorded as 81.94 % i.e. 7814 and the female literacy rate in the city is recorded as 69.91 % i.e. 6265. The total number of illiterates recorded in the city is 7211. Out of the total city population nearly 19.76 % i.e. 4206 of people belong to Schedule caste and 1.18 % i.e. 252 of people belongs to Schedule tribe.

The total number of people employed in the city is recorded as 5566 out of which male constitutes 4702 and female constitutes 864. Out of the total working population nearly 64.43 % i.e. 3586 are engaged in main work and the rest of 35.57 % i.e. 1980 are engaged in marginal work.

Areas and Localities in Barhalganj

Popular areas and localities of Barhalganj are Chillupur sited on the heart of Barhalganj, Bachhepar sited on the northern end of the city, Bhasauli sited on the western end of the city and Jaipar located on the southern end of the city.

Localities nearby Barhalganj

The major cities that are locates close to Barhalganj are Rudrapur at 23 km away, Adari at 38 km away, Deoria at 42 km away and Azamgarh at 45 km away. The Taluks that are sited close to the city are the Dohri Ghat at 2 km away, Badraon at 14 km away and Gagaha at 16 km away. The districts that lie nearby Barhalganj are Deoria at 41 km away, Mau at 44 km away, Azamgarh at 45 km away and Gorakhpur at 61 km away. The localities that are sited surrounding the city are Usari, Belili, Garthauliya and Sansarpar on its northern end, Mahuapar and Tiwaripur on its western end, Basawanpur and Kalyanpur on its eastern end and Lohra on its southern end.

Administration in Barhalganj

Barhalganj city constitutes a municipality with 14 wards for which elections are held once in every 5 years to elect 14 ward members to the municipality of Barhalganj to form the local body. Out of the 14 elected ward member one ward member is chosen by the rest of the ward member to head the municipality as the chairperson.

The city operates under Gorakhpur administrative division of state administration. The city belongs to Gola Tehsil of Gorakhpur district which is one of the 7 Tehsils in Gorakhpur. Barhalganj city is also one of the administrative blocks in Gola Tehsil apart from Gola and Uruwa. The Barhalganj administrative block with block code “0180” covers 10 Nyay Panchayat, 63 Gram sabha and about 206 villages under its jurisdiction. The Barhalganj development block commenced its work from 1958.

Barhalganj city belongs to Bansgaon Lok Sabha constituency and the current MP of the constituency is Shri Kamlesh Paswan elected to parliament in the 2014 election. The city comes under Chillupar vidhan sabha constituency and the current MLA of the constituency is Shri Rajesh Tripathi who is elected to the legislative assembly in 2012 election.

Sports in Barhalganj

Cricket is a popular play in Barhalganj as the city holds the pride of hosting one of the India’s first annual local cricket tournament named “ Veenu Mankad Tournament” in early sixties and seventies. Popular cricket player Vijay Yadav is from Barhalganj who participated in many international cricket matches representing team India in both one day internationals and test matches. Anupam sports corner in Barhalganj is a popular sport store in the city.

Anupam Sports Corner
College Tiraha
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no.: 9936149563

Beauty Parlours in Barhalganj

The beauty Parlours in the city offers very good mehendi designs, hair stylings, haircuts, bridal makeups, beauty care treatments and many more.

Simran Beauty Parlour
Main Road
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no.: 9336889980

Bahurani Beauty Parlour
Patna Chauraha Road
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no.: 9936707078

Shradha Beauty Parlour
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no.: 9839947006
Landmark: Near Choti Masjid

Vishwanath Hair Dressers
Patna Chauraha
Barhaj Road
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no.: 9198481689

Sanjay Hair Salon
Main Road
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no.: 7788098155

Raunak Hair Dresser
Ambedkar Chowk
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no.: 9956356073

Santosh Hair Dresser
Gorakhpur Road
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no.: 8896548538

Places of Worships in Barhalganj

Places of Worships in BarhalganjThe city is very popular for its places of worship which attracts numerous devotees every year to its vicinity. The Ghaghara River Ghats in Barhalganj is a very popular religious destination for Hindu pilgrims across the globe. The Ghats is famous for its Muktipath rituals. Devotees and tourist also visits the Ghats for a holy dip, majestic Lord Shiva statues, ashrams located alongside of the Ghats and the beautiful garden along the Ghaghara River. The Lord Shiva Temple in the city is also very popular places worship in the city.

Shiva Temple
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh- 273402

The city is located close to many popular tourist destinations like Gorakhpur at 61 km away, Kushinagar at 83 km away, Basti at 120 km away, Jaunpur at 110 km away and Sarnath at 139 km away.

Transport in Barhalganj

Barhalganj is strong in its roadway transport system by means of national and state highways running through the city. Barhalganj doesn’t own an airport or railway station in its grounds. The Mau junction railway station is the nearby major railway station from Barhalganj that is sited at a distance of 43 km away from the city. The other railway stations that are located near the city are Dohrighat railway station at 2 km away and Muradpur halt railway station at 7 km away. The airports that are sited close to the city are Gorakhpur airport at 58 km away and Varanasi airport at 126 km away.

Transport in BarhalganjThe national highway NH 29 runs from top to bottom of the city linking Barhalganj to many major cities in Uttar Pradesh like Sonauli, Nautanwa, Gorakhpur, Anand Nagar, Mau, Ghazipur and Varanasi. The highway also called as the Mau to Gorakhpur road links the city to its nearby localities of Usari, Beili, New teachers colony, Sidhuapar, Kuraw, Chautisa, Sarbasi, Khajuri Pandey, Babhnauli, Bedauli, Farsar, Saukhor, Dohari ghat, Dhanauli Rampur, Ibrahima Bad and many more. The highway also forms a bridge across River Ghaghara running in its southern border.

The state highway UP SH 72 runs from west to east of the city touching NH 29 at two different localities within Barhalganj. The highway with route name Azamgarh to Bilariyaganj to Golabazar road links Barhalganj to its nearby localities of Tiwaripur, Sohara Bhar, Ojhavali, Barhaya Dube Kodari, Kokata, Mahuapar, Rampur Garhwa, Puri Dube, Mahuliya Poyal, Shukul Puri, Newaijpar, Basawanpur, Bhisawa, Khadesari, Kalyanpur and many more. The other major roads running within the city are Chillupar road, Kaparwar Ghat to Barahal Ganj road and many more.

Bus Services in Barhalganj

The Barhalganj bus station on national highway NH 29 is the major bus station for the locals in the city to travel across major destinations in and around Gorakhpur district.

Barhalganj Bus Station
NH 29
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh- 273402

Transporters in Barhalganj

The transporters in Barhalganj aid its customers in moving logistics from one location to another by providing man power and transport.

Rahul Transport
Ambedkar Chowk
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no: 9415391649

Shri Ram Transport Agency
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no: 9795637684

Movies in BarhalganjCinema Hall in Barhalganj

The Maya Chalchitra Grih is a very popular movie theater cum entertainment hub in Barhalganj which receives viewers from all over Gorakhpur district.

Maya Chalchitra Grih
: NH 29
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh- 273402
Phone no: 085275 27213

Photo Studios in Barhalganj

Photo Studios in BarhalganjThe photo studios in the city do business on photography works which includes photo shoots for varies dimensions of photos, social event photography and many more.

New Chandan Photo Studio
: Saunkhor
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no: 9198945622

Smit Art
Andhiyari Bagh South
Surajkund Road
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no: 9335502709, 9839487034
Landmark: Near State Bank Colony

Reeta Color Studio & Video Photography
Patna Chauraha
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no: 9935270460
Landmark: Near Jaleshwar Nath Mandir

Darpan Photo Studio
: Madhupur Chowk Mafiya
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no: 9198902035

Rahul Photo Studio
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no: 9956581610
Landmark: Near Charan Paduka, Near Sangam Takies

Catering Service in Barhalganj

The Baba caterers are very popular catering service agency in Barhalganj which provides quality food catered on time for any kind of social event organized in and around the city.

Baba Caterers
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no: 9453647296

Decorator in Barhalganj

The Maurya decoration centre in the city is well-known for their party decoration using flowers, lights, balloons and craft papers.

Maurya Decoration Centre
Madriya Chauraha
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402
Phone no: 8765146779

Petrol Pumps in Barhalganj

The Barhalganj Filling Station and Deepak Automobiles & Tpt Association are two petrol pumps in located in Barhalganj city to provide fuel for the vehicles running through Barhalganj.

Barhalganj Filling Station
Gorakhpur Azamgarh Road
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402

Deepak Automobiles & Tpt Association
Sh-72, Jaipar
Barhalganj, Uttar Pradesh - 273402

Regional Passport Office for Barhalganj

Lucknow grounds the regional passport office- RPO for Barhalganj jurisdiction where the locals in the city can apply for their passports.

Lucknow Passport Office
Passport Bhawan, Vipin Khand
Gomti Nagar
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh-2265010
Phone no: 0522-2305130

Quick Facts about Barhalganj

State: Uttar Pradesh
District: Gorakhpur
Tehsil: Gola
Altitude: 71 m
Latitude: 26° 17' N
Longitude: 83° 30' E
PIN Code: 273402
STD Code: 05461
Local Languages: Hindi, Urdu and Bhojpuri

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